Hello All You Peoples!

Can you believe it?  The Blog is here!  I welcome you to a new and different way of interacting with me and Heart Flowers.

This blog is Heart Flower’s personal diary – our daily pulpit – our collaborative space – our soapbox our breaking-news outlet – our collection of links our own private thoughts – our memos to the world.  In simple terms, this blog is a web site, where I write stuff on an ongoing basis. New stuff shows up at the top, so you, my visitors can read what’s new. Then you comment on it or link to it or email me. Or not.

Since blogs were launched in 1999, they have reshaped the web, impacted politics, shaken up journalism, and enabled millions of people to have a voice and connect with others. And this whole deal is just getting started.

On this blog I will share recipes or health tips with you on a whim. And you will be able to ask me questions or just listen in and follow.

You will also be able to connect with this blog by just typing in the address: heartflowershealingcenter.wordpress.com.  So you don’t have to come to my web site to listen in or add to a conversation or post a recipe or comment that you want to share with the rest of Heart Flower’s Family.

To start things off here, let me share two yummy recipes with you-all:

Broiled Tofu Sandwiches

1 pound Tofu

1/3 cup tamari (soy sauce)

2 small cloves garlic (pressed)

1 teaspoon peanut butter

Pre-heat broiler.  Spread foil on broiler tray.  Blend all ingredients except tofu.  Slice tofu into ¼ to 1/3 inch slices.

Dip tofu slices into tamari mixture and place on broiler tray.  Add a little more of mixture on top of each slice.

Broil until mice and brown and a bit crispy.  Turn and repeat.

To Serve:  Toast two slices of good whole grain bread.  Spread slices with mayonnaise.  Add slices of tofu and some sprouts (or lettuce).

These sandwiches are really quick and really good….


Yummy Turkey Sandwiches

2 slices seven grain bread, slightly toasted
1 lightly packed handful rinsed baby spinach leaves
Dried cranberries to taste
A carrot, coarsely grated
Grated Swiss cheese to taste
2 slices roast turkey breast

Spread mayonnaise on the bread slices.  Sprinkle the spinach leaves, cranberries, carrot and Swiss cheese evenly on top.  Arrange the turkey slices in an even layer over the vegetable layer.  Top with second slice of bread.


Serves One

Here is a prayer that I have had up on my wall, wherever I have lived and/or worked for many years now:

A Prayer for Today

This is the beginning of a new day.  God has given me this day to use as I will.  I can waste it or use it for good.

What I do today is important because I’m exchanging a day of my life for it.  When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in its place something that I have traded for it.

I want it to be gain, not loss; good, not evil; success, not failure; in order that I shall not regret the price I paid for it.

Welcome aboard everyone!



About heartflowershealingcenter

I am a healer. I practice many kinds of body-mind therapies. And many people are helped here. I am blessed to be able to help so many.
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  1. Yes, it is so awesome to finally have this all together! Thanks for your well-wishes…. L

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