10 Tips for Better Health – Tip #2

Adopt a Pet – Whether finned, feathered or furry, pets are good for your health.  People who own pets have healthier hearts and make fewer visits to the doctor.  During times of stress, a pet can lower blood pressure.  Pet owners are more physically fit and tend to be less lonely or fearful than those without pets.  And if you want to get in shape, dogs make better exercise partners than humans – they never want to skip a walk.  “Animals provide us with much of the same kind of social support that people do,” says Alan Beck, director of Purdue University’s Center for the Human-Animal Bond.  And they’re always there when you need them.


About heartflowershealingcenter

I am a healer. I practice many kinds of body-mind therapies. And many people are helped here. I am blessed to be able to help so many.
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