10 Tios for Better Health….Tip #8

Take A Nap.  A mid-afternoon nap can help improve mood, memory, alertness and learning – and it won’t interfere with your night-time zzz’s, according to New York’s Weill Cornell Medical Center.  Naps come in different lengths.  Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, find that a 90-minute siesta clears the brain’s short-term memory storage center and makes room for new information.  Snoozing for 20 minutes improves alertness and performance without leaving you feeling groggy.  Sipping a cup of coffee before closing your eyes will help you wake up alert.  It takes about 20 minutes for caffeine to enter the bloodstream, so its effects start to kick in when you wake.  Even a six-minute micro-nap may help improve memory, according to a German study.


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I am a healer. I practice many kinds of body-mind therapies. And many people are helped here. I am blessed to be able to help so many.
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