Please read about how I became a healer. Look at the path that I took and where it has led me. Little did I know when my father told me (when I was just nineteen) that I had really wonderful hands and would make a great nurse, that I would end up using my hands in a totally different field…

Linda Lemire of Heart FlowersI have been involved in alternative and complementary health care for over twenty five years now. Even before I received my certification to practice Muscle Therapy I was interested and working in the alternative healing systems.

From the time that I was a youngster I wanted to be a nurse. I attended nursing school after high school for one year. It then became apparent to me that the hospital setting was not the place for me. It took me fifteen years and two beautiful daughters before I finally found my way back into the search. I started working as a Chiropractic Assistant and held that post for a couple of years. Then the Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic was looking for a Student Recruiter so I applied and was hired. I found that job very rewarding. Seeking out future chiropractors was very exciting and positive work. The college went into financial problems which finally forced them to close their doors. I was taking college courses to qualify to enter chiropractic training at that time. But I found that I really wanted to do something softer and more in-line with my personality. So, I spent almost a year soul-searching to find where I belonged. I wanted to help people.

In 1988 I finally had one of those A-HA moments one Sunday afternoon as I was driving along on Street Road in Lahaska. I could be a Massage Therapist! I was in classes within two weeks. I have not regretted my decision for one moment since then. I earned my Swedish massage and Deep Muscle Therapy certifications on November 3rd of that year. That was the beginning of a long list of many trainings that I have completed.

My focus has been, almost since the beginning, on Chronic Physical and Emotional Pain. My training experiences have continued to add to my knowledge of how to help people who find themselves in these situations. All of the advanced body work techniques that I have taken have continued to further prepare me to handle many diverse cases. The advanced diplomas that I hold in energy work help me tremendously with my clients who are in counseling and working through emotional issues from childhood and earlier adulthood. My Herbalist Diploma allows me to assist people with diet and more natural ways of healing with herbs.

I have amassed quite a list of qualifications over the years. I hold advanced diplomas and certifications in a number of therapies. If you would like to view the listing of my completed trainings, please follow the link. There are also several professional organizations that I have, over the years, taken a liking to and feel a special affinity toward. If you would like to view links to these places, view links to these places.

I feel as though I have been given a gift, a wonderful gift to share with whoever finds my doorway. Some therapists are technicians and some are healers who have “hands”. I am most thankful and grateful to be in this last group. I seem to have the ability to ease people’s pain and I have a knack for finding the root issues and problems and assisting my clients through them to greater health and expression of who they really and truly are.


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